Saturday, May 13, 2006

My first post. How cute you say.

What can I say - I'm proud to hop on the blogging bandwagon. From me to you, no middleman. CNN and FOX can eat their hearts out.

Blogging surely looks like the the hip thing to do nowadays, AND it's free, so hey the least that can happen is I'll get some cathartic therapy out of it. Writing always seems to make that work somehow.

I remember one of my close friends saying 'no self-respecting sys admin should ever have a blog' a few years ago. I then found out he started one just recently. Reconsideration always makes a funny appearance when you least expect it.

So why not. I'll start a blog. What to write about you say...well I never wrote a blog. Let's give it a shot. What's am I thinking now...?

It's saturday night, something bothers me but I cannot seem to remember. Ah that's nvidia driver doesn't seem to want to play nice with my TV when I'm on 1050*15680 resolution 2005fpw (they're both connected to my box), and I've been wanting to watch this HP documentary all day. My tv is on, but it's on mute because it's waiting for me to something. Usually there would be a documentary, an interview, or something of that sort in the background, but the hum of the fridge shows its ugly face in lieu of all that.

I also downloaded a free documentary on internet piracy today, which I'll be looking forward to watching as well. One of my favorite sites, mvgroup is down. That never happens, so I wonder what's up. So much to process, so little time. Until next time....same bat time, same bat channel.

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