Friday, June 30, 2006

Lobbyists and Congress : Net Neutrality Amendment Rejected

It doesn't seem to me like Congress knows what they're doing anymore . I wish they would just stop listening to lobbyists...that would be a great start. The telco lobbyists pulled it off. They duped our Congress. The Senate Commerce Committee approved on Wednesday an all-encompassing telecommunications reform bill with a bi-partisan vote of 15-7, and achieved their goal of having the Senate Committee rejecting the Net Neutrality Amendment.

The telcos have great incentive to go forth with pushing Congress towards this direction mainly due to their interests in holding their monopoly and stunting the growth of any competition with the advent of voice over ip. As Cringely clearly points out, voip is useless with too much latency.

Now that this stupid charade has started, where does it stop? I wonder when they're going to start rigging cars to go faster in certain highways...will we see Japanese versus American car manufacturer lobbyists in Congress next? They might as well, and hurry before Congress realizes what they've done. They've proved how amazingly gullible they can be. This makes absolutely no sense to me and it goes against the very foundation of our constitution.

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