Monday, April 14, 2008

Will Climate Change Personally Affect me in 10 Years?

"The north polar ice cap is exactly the same size of the US minus the size roughly the area of the state of Arizona."
"The amount of ice remaining in the polar ice caps will most likely be gone in the next 5 years. Some of it might come back, but will come back as thin ice."

How much trash do you generate? How long are your daily showers? How much gas do you burn? Do you use halogen light bulbs, or the old school, rob-you-out-of-your-beer-money kind? Have you looked into solar panels to power your house and make money by providing energy back into the grid? Is your house insulated properly? What exactly is the correlation between buying and consuming animal based protein (meat, eggs, dairy) and the impact of cow grazing, domestication, breeding, etc.. on our atmosphere? How much flying do you do? What the hell is a carbon footprint and what does it have to do with our planet eventually looking like Venus (same size as earth, same amount of CO2) where the average temperature is enough to kill you in minutes?
How much do you know about climate change and what effects it will have on your children and the rest of us? If I made you think, this video will make you think some more.

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