Friday, September 05, 2008

Sarah Palin

"I'm a 66 year old man. I have a disabled child. He has cerebral palsy. When he was born I changed my life entirely to be near him and to help take care of him. I quit a high powered job and started a small business close to home. I have spent the last 40 years helping my wife to care for our son. He is my best friend and we will be pals forever. I think Sarah Palin should have said in her speech, "I would love to accept the nomination as Vice President, but I can't. I owe it to my newborn disabled child and my other children to stay close to home and work with my husband to take care of them. So I respectfully decline the nomination as Vice-President." This is not a sexist comment. It takes two committed parents to take proper care of a disabled child. She is not a decent role model for those of us who have disabled kids. She is never going to be able to fulfill her obligations to her child and be a decent Vice-President. She knew this child was coming. I did not know that ours was disabled until he was 9 months old. She is absolutely unqualified to be President. She is not pro-family values. The odds that McCain will not survive 8 years are pretty high, so realize that you are really voting for President Sarah Palin. Does that send chills up your spine. We don't need a pit bull, we need a grown-up. The world is watching. Lets not screw it up again!" - jugglerforpeace,

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